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The Complete Minecraft Loot and Treasure Guide

Minecraft is full of riches, often found in chests dotted around the world! If you are after something specific, you need to learn where to search. Al...

Minecraft is full of riches, often found in chests dotted around the world! If you are after something specific, you need to learn where to search. All of these item lists are ordered from the most common to the rarest. Remember that chests contain a random selection of items from the lists given, not everything. While there is some crossover in the items you can find, some chests have items that can’t be found in other types of chest, so watch out for those!

Bonus Chests

A bonus chest is generated at the spawn point if you tick the box during world generation. It contains loot that is useful early on, sticks, Oak planks, apples, raw salmon, bread, wooden pick axe, wooden axe, spruce log, Oak log, jungle log, dark Oak log, Birch log, acacia log, stone pick axe and stone axe. 

Buried Treasure

Buried treasure can be found under the sea floor using maps or by following friendly dolphins. They contain many super valuable items, iron ingots, gold inbox, emeralds, cooked salmon, cooked Cod, prismarine crystals, TNT, diamonds, a heart of the sea, iron swords and leather tunics. 


If an igloo has a hidden basement, you will find a chest containing any of coal, apples, wheat, gold nuggets, golden apples, rotten flesh, stone axes and emeralds.

Desert Temples

If you find a desert temple, you are in luck as they contain four chests! The loot isn't very unique, but at least there is a lot of it! Each chest can contain bones, rotten flesh, gunpowder, sand, string, gold ingots, spider eyes, iron ingots, emeralds, enchanted books, saddles, Golden apples, iron horse Armour, Golden horse Armour, diamonds, diamond horse Armour and enchanted Golden apples. 


These small chambers containing monster spawners can have up to two chests. The loot inside is a selection of bones, rotten flesh, gunpowder, string, wheat, coal, redstone dust, beetroot seeds, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, Iron ingots, bread, name tags, saddles, gold ingots, Golden apples, music discs, buckets, iron horse Armour, enchanted books, gold horse Armour, diamond horse armour and enchanted Golden apples. 

End Cities

The chests in End cities are very hard to get to and only accessible very late in the game, so they have the best loot by far. You can expect to see gold ingots, iron ingots, beetroot seeds, diamonds, emeralds, enchanted diamond Armour, enchanted diamond pick axes, shovels and swords, enchanted iron Armour, enchanted iron pick axes, saddles, iron horse Armour, Golden horse Armour and diamond horse Armour. Enchantment on enchanted items are usually very high, the same as you would receive for a level 39 enchantment, which is higher than it is possible to even make using an enchantment table which are capped at level 30! 

Jungle Temples

Jungle temples have two chests, one visible, and one hidden. The loot in both contains bones, rotten flesh, gold ingots, iron ingots, diamonds, emeralds, saddles, iron horse Armour, gold horse Armour, diamond horse armour, and enchanted books. 

Abandoned Mines

In abandoned mines, you will occasionally find abandoned chest minecarts. These act the same as normal treasure chests and contain torches, rails, coal, lapis lazuli, Redstone, bread, iron ingots, beetroot seeds, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, activator rails, detector rails, powered rails, name tags, gold ingots, Golden apples, diamonds, enchanted books, iron pick axes and enchanted Golden apples. 


There are three types of chest in a shipwreck:

  • Map chests contain paper, feathers, books, buried treasure Maps, empty Maps, compasses and clocks. 
  • Supply chests contain wheat, rotten flesh, paper, carrot, coal, potato, poisonous potato, gunpowder, pumpkin, enchanted leather clothes and TNT. 
  • Treasure chests contain iron Nuggets, iron ingots, lapis lazuli, emerald, gold Nuggets, gold ingots, bottle o’ enchanting and diamonds. 


Underwater ruins have two variants depending on whether the ruin is large or small. Large ones contain coal, wheat, gold Nuggets, buried treasure Maps, enchanted books, enchanted fishing rods, emeralds, Golden apples, Golden helmets and leather tunics. Small ones don't have gold items or enchanted books, and instead contain rotten flesh and a stone axe. 

Nether Fortresses

Chests in the Nether have lots of great loot, which is no surprise given how hard it is to get it home safely! You can find gold ingots, nether wart, iron ingots, diamonds, saddles, gold horse Armour, Obsidian, iron horse Armour, Flint and steel, Golden chest plate, Golden sword and diamond horse Armour. 


The size of strongholds means there are lots of items to find and three different types of chest, depending on the rooms in the stronghold. You can expect to find a good number of chests in any stronghold you visit! 

  • Altar chests contain Redstone, bread, iron ingots, apples, Gold ingots, ender pearls, diamonds, iron pick axes, iron Armour, iron swords, Golden apples, saddles, diamond horse Armour, gold horse Armour, iron horse Armour and enchanted books. 
  • In libraries, the chests contain just a few items, but they are very uncommon. You can find paper, books, enchanted books, compasses and empty Maps. 
  • Finally, storeroom chests can contain coal, Redstone, bread, iron ingots, apples, gold inglots, enchanted books and iron pick axes. 

Woodland Mansions

These huge, mysterious buildings can contain chests in a number of spots, but each one has the same chance of containing the same items. You could find gunpowder, string, bone, rotten flesh, wheat, coal, Redstone dust, pumpkin seeds, melon seeds, beetroot seeds, iron ingots, bread, leads, name tags, gold ingots, diamond hoes, music discs, Golden apples, buckets, chainmail chest plate, enchanted books, diamond chest plates and enchanted Golden apples. 

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